Monday, 22 February 2021

Thank You And Goodbye To My Lovely Readers

Over the last few months, I have thought long and hard about writing this post. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to find the right words to express my gratitude for all the things that blogging has given me over the past years. Yet now feels the right time to stop blogging. 

The many wonderful readers, bloggers and friends I’ve been so very privileged to meet has meant more than I can adequately express.

Blogging started out as a creative outlet following a car accident. I moved to London and it became a great way to meet new like-minded people.

My blog became a friend in which I could confide following a difficult period in my life. It has been a way to document my life and express myself. Blogging has helped me to grow in a lot of wonderful ways. For that, I’m so very thankful.

It's time to say goodbye...

I just don't have the time to dedicate to producing the quality of content I am happy with. I run my own business (which unfortunately due to Covid has temporarily closed again). During the first lockdown, I worked so hard to create content that would get me through re-opening.

I worked hard to build my DA and have the blog in a stable position for once we could re-open. Yet come December, I was once again behind and feeling stressed because I didn't have a new blog post ready for my Tuesday posting day. 

A simple and intentional life goal

My DA then dropped. Why a number would bother me got me thinking. I worked hard in 2020 to live a more simple and intentional life. Every area of my life was being decluttered. I gave up drinking and tried to reduce stress. (Haha not always possible when you run your own business). So it was time to take a step away and think about my priorities. 

As an experiment, I came off most social media. Surprisingly, I didn't miss it. I didn't miss blogging. I have been learning Spanish again and learning to appreciate the simple things in life. 

I bought a mindfulness course last year but didn't get a chance to finish it. It's amazing how much time scrolling through social media, means you aren't actually present. 

My goal this year to get fitter. Moving away from sitting at a laptop as much as I can will also hopefully help with that goal.

Deactivate or delete 

Good old Twitter only gives you a month from deactivating your account to permanent deletion, so I wanted to pop back on and say a proper thank you and goodbye.

Along the blogging way, there have been bloggers I loved who stopped blogging and I never had a chance to say goodbye. That’s why I wanted to write this post. 

I think I am friends with or follow many of you. I have also made a list of my favourite bloggers so I can keep following you. If you have a blog or YouTube, make sure to let me know!

Lots of love,
Helen x

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