Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Five Things I Learnt During A Low Buy Year

This year I decided enough was enough with all of the clutter and decided to stop unnecessary spending. On that note can you believe that it is actually December?! Here are five things I learnt during a low buy year.

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If you want to read my original post and the rules I set myself, then I will link the post here

My original aim was to live a more simple and intentional life and a huge motivation initially to do the low buy year was to get rid of the excess stuff in my life. However, Covid came along and I have seen my cash (or lack of it) really come into focus. 

Overall was it a success? 

On the whole, it was. Especially, in terms of my main aim, which was to reduce the number of toiletries and stationery. 

In terms of toiletries, I am limited to just one drawer which has a few bits which are essentially made up mainly of the remains of buy one get one free and other multibuy deals. 

Stationery, I bought a five-pack of A5 pads in I think February which hasn't been used. I still have a lot of stationery to use up, so there wasn't any need to buy anything else. Apart from diaries. I have a weird thing about getting the "right" diary. 

Five things I learnt during my low buy year: 

1. Write down every single item you buy

I didn't write down everything I spent. What I did note down wasn't done consistently. 

You won't remember the odd bits if you don't! This year I only focused mainly on not buying and stockpiling toiletries. Yes, I had a problem!

I noticed if I picked up a cheap face cream from the supermarket, this didn't get included in my spending. Going forward, I am going to include every item of personal spending, including food. 

My toiletries drawer before decluttering in a post about five things I learnt during a low buy year.
A quick "before". Most of these products have now been used up!

2. Some duplicates can be good

I started off really well on the "No duplicates rule". However, I was missing out on some deals that saved money. 

If the deodorant is 2 for £3 or whatever, you know you will use the deodorant, and it will save you money in the long run. 

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3. You'll decide what items are important 

By really focusing on what I was buying, I really noticed that I didn't need certain brands. I would just buy something because it was what I bought. 

Now, I'm on such a tight budget, I look at alternative options. For example, Aldi do dupes of so many branded items. Why not try supermarket own brands and hopefully save yourself some cash?! 

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4. A low buy year is great to achieve other goals

Having a low buy year has been great in terms of decluttering. I no longer have drawers and cupboards full of excess. 

The benefits of a clutter-free environment give you a feeling of space and calm. I always feel slightly more organized and in control in terms of my life when my space is clear.

Admittedly, the stationery in the office is still being worked through. After all, there are only so many notepads one person can use at one time!

Unfortunately, I run a business and Covid hasn't helped so under normal circumstances I would hopefully be able to have some money saved. Next year, hopefully!

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5. Watching the pennies makes you feel good

I feel proud of myself for not being so wasteful. That's not to say, I can improve on my progress. 

As I mentioned, going forward, I am now going to include food spending.  It is amazing how not noting down everything is way underestimating what I spend!

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Have you done a low buy year? 

How did it go?

Lots of love, 

Helen x

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  1. This is such a great idea - we have tried something similar but really did not write down either the spending or the product bought, so maybe we should really start doing that! Thanks for the help with decluttering!

    1. It's amazing how much you don't realise what you're spending by not writing down, isn't it! Aww you're very welcome - hope the decluttering is going well :)

  2. Tracking expenditures is a good idea to get a sense of where your money goes. Sometimes it's gone and you wonder what you spent it on. Tracking helps! There's nothing wrong with spending money on something you value, either. If your favorite deodorant is on sale, it's smart to buy extra. You know you're going to use it!

    1. Definitely! It is so easy to lose track and then wonder where on earth your money has gone! Totally, it's well worth stocking up when things you use are on offer :) x

  3. Replies
    1. It's amazing how much you can save making swaps, isn't!

  4. These are wonderful ideas! I'm trying to be more thoughtful of what I buy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Mindful shopping makes such a huge difference, doesn't it! x


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