Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Five Easy Ways To Feel Cosy At Home

I don't know about you, but when it is cold and grey outside, it is easy for me to feel like I have less energy, and not so upbeat about life. Just because it is a little bit gloomy outside does not mean that we can't create a cosy warming and inviting space for ourselves. I've come up with five easy ways to feel cosy at home. I hope you enjoy!

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What is a cozy home? Where you enter and you feel the radiance of your divine self - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Many of us working from home, especially in England during the lockdown. So what better time to look to make our home feel all cosy. 

Let's get all Hygge. Let's create that cosy home feeling of contentment and wellbeing.

1. Put on some warm cosy clothes

Put on some warm cosy clothes—a warm jumper and socks. 

The temperature of our bodies can have an effect on the way we feel on our mood and energy levels. 

If you feel warm and cosy physically, it can have the effect of making you feel warm and cosy mentally.

A candle and a jumper in a post about five easy ways to feel cosy at home.

2. Put the kettle on

Make yourself a lovely hot drink. Not only do warm drinks warm you up instantly, but they often contain antioxidants. 

Drinking coffee can also help kick start your day and feel more productive. Obviously as long as you don't have too much caffeine. 

3. Light a candle

It can be really dark and gloomy during the autumn and winter months, so it is perfect for bringing a warm light into our rooms. 

Lighting a candle will give that soft, flickering flame to soothe and make us feel at peace. 

Scented candles will also make your room smell delicious too!

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4. Eat a hearty warming meal

Listen to your body. Is it craving soups and stews? I spend my summer eating salads, but as soon as it gets colder, I find myself craving warming foods.

Look at your food. Is it nourishing your soul as well as your body? Make sure you have lots of veggies in there to give you all the extra vitamins you will need. 

Lady reading a book with a blanket over her in a post about five easy ways to feel cosy at home.

5. Snuggle up on the sofa 

Grab a blanket and get covered up. 

Whether you choose to watch a film or box set or read a book, you will instantly feel cosy. Especially towards the end of the day when the temperature outside may have dropped and you are relaxing before bed. 

I have some recommendations of 10 feel-good TV and films for a self-care night that might give you some inspiration.  

What do you to feel cosy at home?

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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