Tuesday, 15 September 2020

My Low Buy Year Update - Am I On Track?

This year I decided enough was enough with all of the clutter and decided to stop unnecessary spending. I did mean to do this update in July. After lockdown, however, it somehow felt it wasn't an accurate representation of my actual spending. Better late than never and before the year is over I wanted to do a quick round-up of how it's going so far. So my low buy year update - am I on track?
Piggy bank in a post about my low buy year update

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it". – Henry David Thoreau

Initially, I set out to do a no-buy year. That didn't happen as I wanted. So, I swapped to a low-buy year.

During lockdown

My low buy year had a great start as I hardly spent anything during lockdown which I am pleased about. I don't know about you but I hardly bought anything that wasn't completely necessary. It just seemed like it wasn't worth risking someone's life to deliver something I didn't really need.

Unfortunately, I did stop making some of the sustainable swaps I had started making and just bought what I could—such as things like toothpaste and mouthwash. The main reason being was because I couldn't see my dentists discuss how safe the options where. 

I wrote a post about how starting a low spend year has helped me during the lockdown, if you would like to give that a quick read. 
Someone holding a piggy bank in a post about my low buy year update

Post lockdown 

I've tried really hard not to buy backups of toiletries. The only thing that sometimes gets me is if there is a deal on something I know I will use up. For example, I have backups of hand creams because they were on offer. My hands are so sore and dry with the constant hand-washing. 

After my massive declutters, I tried really hard to avoid buying clothes. The few items I have needed were some t-shirts and shorts when we had those scorching days and a few jumpers now its got cooler. For every item in, I have made sure to remove some items and add them to the donate pile. 

A few things that I have bought that are unnecessary include a new backpack. The one I had always looked dirty so I've bought a plain black one. 
A minimalism room in a post about my low buy year update

My main success areas 

No excesses toiletries. Toiletries were the main reason I started out with a low buy year as I had so many drawers and cupboards full of stuff I would never use. So I am really happy with my progress in this area. 

I have also managed not to buy any stationery that I didn't need!

In terms of clothes, I still only have one wardrobe, which also includes my coats. This is in sharp contrast with a few years ago when I had both of the wardrobes in our bedroom and my coats in the cupboard in the hall.
Someone buying something on a laptop with their credit card in a post about my low buy year update

Where I need to focus on

To successfully complete my low buy year I need to stop impulsively buying things off Amazon. I did start putting stuff in my basket and thinking about whether I did actually need the items. However, the last few things I've bought were just bought off the hoof.

Are you doing a low buy year? 
I would love to know how you're getting on!

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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