Tuesday, 22 September 2020

11 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

It was my birthday last month, and I always get quite reflective upon life. Now I'm in my forties, it got me thinking about what I would say to my younger self, so I've come up with 11 things I would tell my younger self.

“You cannot predict everything. Yes, bad things will happen but they’re totally different bad things than you can imagine. Same with the wonderful things. So stop trying to predict and control the future, and enjoy the weird magic of right now.” — Lena Dunham

I originally started blogging in 2015. A blog that was just the general mishmash of everything.

Then I met some lovely beauty bloggers and then the next thing I was immersed in the world of makeup. I bought Alex drawers, I purchased glitter eyeshadow, I put on my false eyelashes and smiled. The thing is that I am not that into makeup. Inside I was suffering quite badly with anxiety, so in a way, it was just something to hide behind.

Fast forward five years, my blog now focuses on living a more simple and intentional life.

Life has changed a lot along the way. I've had several careers and met people that have come and gone. Some of the best people have stayed.

1. Have confidence in yourself

The first thing I would tell my younger self is to have more confidence. Although this is still something I am working on!

2. It's ok to be you

My younger self was afraid people wouldn't like me for me. I basically became like a Barbie in the hopes people would like me. I trotted around in heels that I couldn't walk in. I dyed my hair uber blonde.

3. Don't pluck your eyebrows 

You will spend your mornings filling them in and regretting it. When I was younger the fashion was to have nice thin eyebrows. So I plucked and plucked. Now I've grown them out, there are patches where the hairs won't grow back.

4. You will love that you have a small chest

Maybe the most personal thing I have ever said. When I was younger, I felt insecure about the fact my chest was so small. Why? I would hate to have a big chest! Thank goodness I didn't do anything drastic like have surgery.
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5. You will regret not working hard at school

I've forever been trying to make up for getting poor GCSE and A-Levels. Ironically, however, getting the grades did, in fact, lead to me having a love of learning. Who would have thought that!

6. Nurture positive relationships

Alongside nurturing the positive relationship, I would tell my younger self to break away from negative relationships. It's strange when you think of all the time you spend with people, only for them not to be in your life in later years.

7. Stop buying stuff you don't need

Too many times over the years I've had to clear out crap because once again I accumulated belongings that I didn't need. I dread to think what I have spent over the years! Decluttering and striving for a more minimal lifestyle have become the way I want to live my life going forward.

8. Use your money wisely

Linked to the last point, I should have been more careful with my money. It's like if I had money, I had to spend it.
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9. Go to Spain and learn Spanish

One of my regrets is that I didn't go to Spain when I had the chance. Unbelievably, I even paid for a course! I spotted the Groupon deal for a week in Spain learning Spanish and all-inclusive accommodation. All I needed was flights. Then I put off booking the flights. Finally, the day I  was supposed to be in Spain came, and I just emailed the people to say I couldn't make it.

10. Follow your dreams

My degree is in law and I then went onto to do the LPC. Yet when it came to applying for a job, I lost my confidence. I didn't think I was good enough. I went for an interview and because they didn't get back to me in time, I took another job.  Who knows, maybe it wouldn't have worked out, but I always regret not seeing what if.

11. You are stronger than you think 

Yes, even going forward you will have challenges that seem like it's the end of the world. Yes, it will be hard at times and you will think what is the point of all this. So far it has been ok. You got through it. You came out the other side and some of it has made you even stronger.

I am sure if I think about it, there is lots more I would like to tell my younger self, but to keep this short and sweet, that's it for now.

What would you tell your younger self?

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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  1. Love this! I highly agree with 5, I wish I worked harder than I did in school, I didn't do bad on my GCSE as such, but I didn't apply myself and was always off school. If only we could go back and do it all again knowing what we know now.

    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

    1. Aww thank you! I was exactly the same - I really didn't apply myself. Yes, totally - if only we could! x


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