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Setting My Monthly Goals For August 2020

Well, hello, August. It feels like every week of this year has gone by at the speed of light! I did a post a few months back where I said I wanted to do more regular goal setting and then regularly review the goals I set for myself. Well, I am finally doing that now! So without further ado, here I am setting my monthly goals for August 2020.

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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” - Lao Tzu

This is more of a personal post than my usual kind of post, but I really want to keep myself more accountable in order to achieve and regularly review my goals.

August is my birthday month, so it's also like a brand new year too.

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My August goals:

1. Work on establishing routines

So far, I have managed to get into a really good morning routine. I have been getting up much earlier and have been trying to use the extra time productively.

Also, I have been using one of my days off to work on completing tasks to set me up for a productive week.

One final routine I would like to encompass is an evening routine.

2. Change my mindset from overwhelm to one of excitement

Lately, I've been starting to feel overwhelmed and worked up about things. It feels like I have so much going on at once.

Sometimes I overlook the fact that I have so many exciting opportunities opening up for me. 

I want to focus this month on adjusting my mindset from focusing on overwhelm, to recognise everything has a purpose and view it as exciting rather than daunting.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” – Will Rogers

3. Have a blog post up every Tuesday‬

I have a few personal things going on at the moment which may mean I have to drop everything at the last minute, so I want to make sure I am organised and have a blog post ready for every Tuesday. 

So far, I am a week in advance, so I just want to keep that up.
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4. Grow my Twitter account

For such a long time, Twitter scared me. Not as much as Instagram, but that's another story!

Social anxiety and Twitter don't mix very well. 

Yet during the lockdown, everyone seemed so much more in the same boat. I found myself having the confidence to join a Twitter chat. 

I would love to keep engaging on Twitter. I've enjoyed meeting new people! ‬

5. Read two other blogs per week and leave a comment

Again Twitter has been great for this as I've been joining Twitter comment threads and I've discovered some fantastic bloggers.

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6. Read one book per month

My final goal for August 2020 is to read a book. 

When I feel stressed and anxious, I don't read. Yet I can easily read a book in an afternoon on holiday, so I just want to break down reading a book into more manageable daily chunks.

I am currently reading A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson. Now, I am on page 355, so ideally, I want to get it finished and ideally have started another by the end of August.

Well, that's it for my August goals. I hope you have a fabulous month!

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What are your August goals? 

Lots of love, 
Helen x
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  1. These seem like great goals for August. I hope you manage to achieve these goals for this month. Thank you for sharing! Have a great August 😊

    Lauren | www.bournemouthgirl.com

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! I hope you are having a great month too :) x


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