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6 Habits I Want To Keep After Lockdown

As we enter the next phase of easing lockdown in the UK and return to a "new normal". I thought I would just take a moment to think about all of the positive habits I have developed during lockdown and make a commitment to myself to try to keep up some of them once we re-open the pub on the 4th July. So, here are the 6 Habits I want to keep after lockdown. 

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“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.” ―John Irving. 

Sorry if this is a bit of a more personal post. I felt strangely emotional, watching the news that we can re-open the pub. We have been closed since 20th March. As I am sure any pub-goer is well aware of!

I can't deny that I have enjoyed using the time during lockdown to find a lot of inner calm. It was at times very stressful year last year with one thing and other. Including moving and taking over the pub. My body was telling me I was stressed, but I didn't have the time to stop with a brand new business.

As well as inner calm, it has been so heart-warming to see how people were able to come together. For example, Clap for Carers. People were being kept apart, but feeling so much more together.

With that in mind here are the 6 habits I want to keep after lockdown:

1. Appreciating people

The daily news of the loss of life and suffering made it really hit home about the fragility of life.

It has been so lovely to keep in regular contact with family and friends, and this is definitely something I would like to make more time for.

2. Reading 

When my anxiety plays up, I struggle to read a book. I will read the same page over and over. Yet the words don't sink in. Perhaps, because I'm on too much of high alert to what is going on around me.

I had a strange urge the night Boris announced the pubs were to shut to buy a book. I picked up Half A World Away by Mike Gayle. It is by far one of the best books I've read.

After the first few weeks of lockdown, I started to notice that I was reading much more quickly and able to engage with the characters. Within weeks I had got through my 'to-read' pile and was looking for more.

The amount I've been able to read has also been helped enormously by the glorious weather we have had.

I'm now up to 15/20 for my yearly challenge.

Are you on Goodreads? I would love to know what you are reading.

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3. Spanish 

My mum always used to rave about an app called Duolingo.

I studied Spanish years ago, but as you can imagine had forgotten most of it. I didn't think I had time to spend revisiting the language apart from the odd bits on holiday.

I've been using the app for 87 days now, and it's incredible how much the language has come back. You only need to spend around 15 minutes on a lesson, and it's completely free (although there is a paid version).

I love their strapline "15 minutes can teach you a language. What can 15 minutes of social media do". It really puts it into perspective.

4. Eating well 

I started batch cooking again and making healthy meals. As the pub was closed, I couldn't rely on Chef! Bizarrely, I realised how much I loved planning and preparing my own food.

Also, I have relied less on convenience food apart from the odd pizza here and there, and it's been months since I've had a takeaway.

Going forward, I am going to keep up batch cooking on my day off.

Although, we did also indulge in a delicious cooked breakfast on Sundays, which unfortunately we will no longer have time to do.

5. Involving myself in the blogging community

Finally went through and fixed all old posts. I accidentally deleted my old blog in December last year but did manage to back up some old posts, so they now have photos, meta tags and alt tags.

Enjoyed Twitter chat for the first time in years. Social anxiety and a lack of confidence have always got in the way of me enjoying being part of the blogging community.

I've been loving joining in @Beechat Mondays at 5pm #Beechat

Plus there are few great comment threads I have joined recently, including:
@BloggersTribe on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 7am
@TeacupClub_ Monday and Thursdays at 5pm
@BloggersHut Thursday at 5pm

I am sure there are loads more, please let me know if I've missed any (or if I've got the times wrong!).

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6. Taking a walk

I moved here in November and hadn't even walked in the woods behind us. When we did take a walk during lockdown, we discovered we were surrounded by not only a gorgeous wood but fantastic views and even horses in a nearby field!

Those walks have been so good for our mental health and mindfulness. I've made sure I captured as much as I can on the one 1 Second app to remind me of how much I loved the habit.

I know it is unlikely if the pub gets busy again, we won't have time to walk daily, but I would like to incorporate a little walk here and there into our new routine.

Habits I wish I had formed:


A habit I didn't manage to properly form was Mindfulness. I started a four-week mindfulness course from Be Mindful and I didn't stick to it properly.

I do think it would be so beneficial to my mental health and wellbeing, so I will try to preserve with that in the coming weeks.


Why oh why didn't I make this a habit during lockdown. OK, I was lazy and enjoying sitting in the garden a little too much!

What habits did you form during lockdown?

Do you intend to keep them up?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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  1. I had no idea you had a pub! All the best with reopening! Lockdown definitely helped me appreciate people more. Never realised I took socialising for granted before. X

  2. Aww thank you! Haha it's total chaos at the moment! Hopefully it will all come together tonight ready to open! It's crazy how the situation really gave us a chance to appreciate people isn't it. Hope it all continues :) x

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post :) I have created lots of new habits like blogging consistently, reading and talking more with the people I care about, appreciating the little things etc. Deffo agree with - I really wanted to learn some Spanish but haven't managed to do so :/ Awesome post! x

    1. Aww thank you so much Caroline!!Hope you get the chance to try out some Spanish :) x


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