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The Benefits Of Creating A Calming Morning Routine

A calming morning routine can set you up for the day, leave you feeling less stressed and anxious and like you have you sh*t together. It can set the tone for the day and be the difference between your day starting positivity and productivity to the day getting off to a bad start. So, today let's look at the benefits of creating a calming morning routine.

Lady stretching in bed with the sun coming through the window behind her in a post about at the benefits of creating a calming morning routine.

How you start your day is how you're going to live your day. And how you live your day is the way you live your life. - Louise Hay

Without routines, I personally end up all over the place. My lizard, fight or flight brain kicks in, and I find that I react to things rather than have any sense of control or calm to my day. Routine is essential to my wellbeing; otherwise, I feel frazzled, things get missed, and I just feel generally disorganised, which has a knock-on effect on the rest of my day.

Firstly, let's look at how to create a morning routine and then explore the benefits of creating a calming morning routine can bring to your life.

How to create a morning routine 

Firstly, brainstorm your "ideal morning".

Start by making a list of everything you need or want to achieve in the morning. Obviously, shower, brush your teeth, have breakfast, etc. But do you want to anything else? For example, exercise, read, learn a language, walk the dog? Then think about the order you wish to achieve those tasks.

Also, think about what you can do the night before to help your morning routine flow. Could you make lunch, or layout your clothes, for example? You could also prepare your bag and put your keys into your "safe" place ready for the morning.

Just don't be harsh on yourself if you find you need to tweak things before you find your ideal routine.

1. It will reduce your stress levels 

A lot of the feelings of overwhelmed and stress we experience is because we are continually thinking about what we have to do. Or even worse the guilt and anxiety that comes with forgetting essential details.

By creating a morning routine, it will reduce brain fatigue because you will just do your things in the morning without thinking about it. Instead of thinking "shall I do this or shall I do that", your brain only knows to do it. It will also make you more organised because by making something a part of your routine you are less likely to forget it.

It can take anywhere from around 21 days to two months to develop a new habit, so just be kind to yourself as you try to establish a new routine.

2. You will gain more time 

First of start by choosing a time to wake up, that will give you a chance to achieve all that you want to in the morning. Bear in mind, this may also determine what time you go to bed. After all, you can't start waking at 5am, but still going to bed after midnight if you need seven hours sleep.

By setting your alarm at the same time each day, your body will start to learn that it is time to wake up. So, you may feel lethargic for the first few weeks, but give it time, and your body will soon adapt.

You already know what you need to achieve in the mornings, so you can focus on other things.

How can you use this extra time to benefit you during the day?

Start by asking yourself what you're hoping to accomplish for the day, and what steps you can take to guarantee things go smoothly from there and write it down.

Chances are, you'll start seeing benefits you didn't even expect, in no time at all.

Lady stretching in bed in a post about at the benefits of creating a calming morning routine

3. You will feel in control 

Allow yourself the chance to start your day at peace, feeling like your more "together", more in control of your day. To achieve the tasks you want to achieve.

By feeling more organised in the morning and placing focus on where your day is heading, you will feel happier and more confident. Feeling more put together will help you deal with things better and to be able to deal with people better. Even if the day doesn't always go to plan.

You can take your time to read your calendar. Looking at what we have planned for me is an essential step for feeling more together. I love TexuDeux (not sponsored), but if I don't take the time to look at what I'm supposed to do for the day or what is coming up, I end up missing important events, or 'to-dos'.

4. You will take care of yourself 

A critical aspect of self-care is to create a morning routine. Why? Because every morning we are in a rush and barely take the time to breathe and unwind.

The morning is a good time of the day when we can take care of ourselves. All you have to do is create a routine and spare some time for you.

Personally, I love sitting in the garden on a warm summer morning, sipping a coffee, listening to birds singing, feeling the sun on my face. There is such an innocence to that time of the day. I often think its a time you could achieve anything if you wanted to that day. 

5. You will feel fulfilled

A fulfilling morning routine can benefit you mentally, physically, and even spiritually. 

To really make sure you reap these benefits, enjoy a nutritious breakfast, work out, do some stretches, or a yoga class.

So far, I am at the nutritious breakfast stage. I've started doing mindfulness and am aiming to incorporate one of my mindfulness exercises into my daily routine. Going forward, I want to commit to a yoga practise. We've cleared out one of the spare rooms, which I am hoping to use as a quiet space in which I can practise mindfulness and yoga. I've bookmarked Morning Yoga For Beginners Yoga with Adriene. Now I just need to get on a do it!

Another essential step may be making a bit of time in the morning is to review your goals for the day, and maybe even for the year, to remind yourself what you're really working toward in the bigger picture.

Do you have a morning routine?

Lots of love, 
Helen xo

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  1. I agree with all the points made here! Such a lovely read!

    Amber from The Unpredicted Page

    1. Thank you so much Amber! I am glad you enjoyed x


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