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15 Easy Self Care Ideas You Can Start Today

It's so easy to forget to make time for self-care. Yet there are so many huge benefits to our mental and physical wellbeing if we take the time to look after ourselves. It gives us that time to rest and reset and the be ready to face whatever life throws at us. If you are feeling a little short on time, or motivation, I've come up with 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

“The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.” - Sydney J. Harris. 

15 self-care ideas you can easily start today:

1. Establish a good sleep pattern.

I have a habit of staying up later when I have "nothing to do". That means getting up later, doing less and general sluggishness.

Stop. If you're anything like me. Reset the alarm. We just need to stop watching tv until 10 and crack on!

It may be difficult at first, especially if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but sleep is one of the easiest ways to make you feel better about things.

Lady reading a book on the bed in a post about 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

2. Avoid watching too much news. 

Now, this is a tough one as we do need to keep ourselves informed. Just avoid overexposure, especially to second-hand news like Facebook and other social media.

3. Nourish your body to the best of your ability. 

Obviously, this will depend upon the supplies available to you. We have been cooking all manner of random dishes just to use up the bits of food that would be thrown out otherwise.

4. Journaling. 

An easy self-care idea is to start journaling.

Empty your mind of thoughts and fears. What are your limiting beliefs about yourself? Can we take this time to challenge those thoughts or even set in motion another more positive mindset? Journaling is such a powerful tool.

A lady writing a a journal in a post about 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

5. Be mindful in your everyday.

We use our exercise allowance to take a walk each day. We moved to the countryside in November and hadn't even taken the time (or had the time) to appreciate what was around us.

Every day, I take the time to pause and be mindful. Listen to the birds and watch the butterfly float by and also try to "bank" the memories. I usually also take a one-second video app to remember what I've been doing.

6 Evaluate your life.

Have a think about your life so far. What made you happy? Are you happy? Look at your job, career, hobbies. Is there anything you want to change? If so, use this time to research. 

7. Express gratitude for what you have. 

As well as what is perhaps lacking, the regrets you have, etc. What are you truly grateful for?

8. Appreciate and nurture relationships. 

Keep in touch with people. Face time, text, call. Just keep in touch. Make sure people are safe and look after each other.
Lady walking through a field in a post about 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

9. Laugh. 

Use whatever distraction. Watch a film or comedy. We are watching Friday Night Dinner. Absolutely hilarious if you haven't seen it! Just find something for some light relief if you can. What better way to practise self-care.

10. Expand your mind. 

There are so many free courses and things available online. For example, The Open University has loads to chose from. We started with The First World War: Trauma and Memory. I've also signed up to the Spanish course, which is a little harder than I anticipated :)

11. Make a list of all the things you've wanted to do/achieve or dreamt of doing. 

How can you achieve at least one of these things when lockdown ends?

Lady looking a the city view in a post about 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

12. Learn a new skill. 

I've been revisiting Spanish with Duolingo. My brother has been doing the t-shirt handstand challenge. Whatever floats your boat, why not just have a go if you want to do something?

13. Have some quiet time for yourself. 

What do you do like to do as your little indulgence?

Personally, I love reading. I had been struggling to read for months. That massive pile of "do I donate, or will I get a chance to read in the future" is slowly going down.

You can't beat that feeling of escapism you get when you read a good book. The time is also helping me keep up with my 2020 Goodreads challenge.

Lady reading a book in the sun in a post about 15 easy self-care ideas you can start today.

14. Be kind to yourself. 

We did virtually nothing for the first few weeks of lockdown. I felt guilty. Stop, it's not healthy. Forgive yourself and realise that the time spent healing your mind will be far more beneficial in the long run. 

15. Declutter, clean, and organise your space. 

The final self-care idea is to make your space feel fresh and clean.

As a massive fan of decluttering, this is the perfect time to just get everything out and see what can be decluttered. Look at what you have, donate what you no longer need and organise everything. Clear and clean the space all ready for whatever the future may hold.

What is your favourite form of self-care?

Lots of love, 
Helen x


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