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2020 No Buy Challenge - February Update

A piggy bank and "February" in a post about my 2020 no buy challenge February update.
Have you decided you want to do a no-spend, or reduce spending this year? Perhaps you've embarked on living a more simple, minimalist lifestyle? I did. I'm making myself accountable by sharing what I purchased during my no-spend year. Let's see how I got on.

It's essential that the challenge sets your own rules. You can read mine here. They mainly are centred around living a more simple life and intentional life and to aid removing the clutter from my life.

My no-buy challenge doesn't include food, essentials or anything for the pub. Although, I've tried to stop my stationery obsession just being transferred to the business by monitoring my spending and ensuring any spends are necessary.

February spend summary 

VyanaPlantBeauty Zero Waste eyeshadow Sample Kit Trio £12.09 from Etsy. 
My Collection Eye Shadow pallet has hit pan on the last colour that I use, so I wanted to replace it with a more sustainable alternative. Unfortunately, though when this arrived, it was three plastic tubs and a plastic bag! I stupidly did not read the small print which stated that not all sizes come in zero-waste packaging. For this reason, I am so annoyed with myself as I could have just repurchased my usual Collection eye shadow for about £4 if I wasn't trying to be more sustainable.

VyanaPlantBeauty Zero Waste eyeshadow Sample Kit Trio in a post about my 2020 no buy challenge February update.

SAROI - 16 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads £6.99. 
I've come to the end of my bag of disposable cotton pads, so I went ahead a purchased these reusable ones.

Stainless Steel circular 2 tier lunchbox tiffin £12.00.
As I said in my January update, I wasn't going to buy a tin until the plastic boxes are used up, but we were out the other day and the plastic container split. I thought it was time to invest in a stainless steel tin. This one fits perfectly and sits upright in my bag, so there is less of a chance of spillage (hopefully!). 

Peace With The Wild, Mineral Perfecting Powder - Translucent, 10g £7.50. (plus £3.49 P&P). 
I don't need this just yet, but if you saw my January update, I ended up buying a Collection Loose Powder as I'd run out of my powder. I only wear concealer and powder, but I find if I don't wear powder, my face ends up so greasy. This is also great as it's a refill and therefore I can just pop it into the Collection container, and it's no longer a single-use plastic :)

Peace With The Wild, Mineral Perfecting Powder in a post about my 2020 no buy challenge February update.

Counter Table Top Mini Freezer, £79.99.
Shamefully, we've wasted so much food in the past few months only having a fridge. I have all good intentions, and then the pub gets busy, or something happens, and then I notice the expiry date on food has passed. That's fine if it's just best before, but I don't like to risk it so much with use by. It's made me so sad, so I've budgeted for a freezer to help reduce our personal food waste going forward.

Reflections on my February spending

My biggest question to myself that I have to answer truthfully and thoughtfully is why I have bought these items? Have I just replaced my unnecessary spending habits buying reduced waste items, which will, in fact, end up as "rubbish" if I don't really need them?

If I am right and the items will help me move towards my goal of living a simple and intentional life, then I am happy with what I purchased this month.

Although, the eyeshadow, as I mentioned, I am so annoyed with myself. This is just more plastic and has served no benefit as I still want to find a more sustainable alternative going forward.

The cotton pads are lovely. It's so lovely to generate less waste daily. I am yet to see how they wash, as there are 16 pads and I've yet to use them all. In all honesty, though I don't care as they are still lovely and soft.

Have you set yourself a no-spend challenge? 
If so, how are you doing?

Lots of love,
Helen x


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