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Six Areas To Declutter This Week

Owning less stuff means having more time for the most important things in our lives. It creates more space and ease in our homes, as well as more calm and space in our minds. Are you looking for some decluttering inspiration?  If so, I've come up with six areas to declutter this week to help you feel on top of your decluttering game. 

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Last month a kind friend helped clear a load of rubbish from the pub. We had already filled two skips full of rubbish when we did the mini-makeover but just couldn't justify paying for another.

Now the majority of the clutter has gone, it's renewed my desire to declutter. So I set myself a challenge to declutter six areas this week.

I didn't do it all in one go, just a bit here and a bit there in between working, but it's incredible what a difference that can actually make in a week.

Surface clutter

The tops of the drawers in the bedroom were full of things like deodorant, perfume, my makeup bag and moisturisers. Plus two mirrors. Yes, two! After purging my makeup from the drawers. I used the top drawer for the majority of the items that used to be on the top and donated one of the mirrors. Simple yet so effective. 


Hands up, I have a stationery obsession. I would buy unnecessary stationery because it looked nice or I had an idea it would make me more organised. Affordable stationery in shops like Wilko and Hema was just too good to miss. I only need one notebook at a time. Yet I have shelves full of unused notepads.

I went through the notebooks and kept only ones people have bought me or I know I will eventually use and took the rest to the charity shop. Then did the same with pens. Then went through other bits like glue, Tippex, etc. and discarded anything that didn't work. There is still a massive way to go with the stationery, though.

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Personal organisation

I had a diary, iCal and a journal on the go. That's just too many places to write things down! It is dangerous as realistically, I don't check everything.

I went through my diary and added the important dates to the front of my journal. Then I ripped up my diary. The paper makes perfect fuel for the fire, so I don't feel as bad as I would for wasting paper.

I wish I was a bit more into a techy organisation system, but I just like the idea of writing things down.


Back in the day, I had an Ikea Alex nine drawer unit packed full of makeup. In reality, I use only the essential products in my make up bag.

I did a purge of everything I don't need, leaving only backups of things I know I will use. For example, I don't wear lipstick. I don't like the smell or feel of it, so why did I have so many MAC lipsticks?

Check through your makeup and toiletries and see if there are any expired or products past their best products you can either donate or get rid of. 


Again like with makeup, I only wear very basic jewellery consisting of my wedding ring, a watch and a pair of earrings. Dan's mum loves jewellery, so I gave her all of my good quality items, donated other bits and binned anything that was beyond repair. 

Clothes folded neatly in a post about six areas to declutter this week.

Clothes you don't wear

Ask yourself why you haven't worn something. Is it because it doesn't fit properly, or you just don't like it? If you're unsure, wear it. I wore a pair of jeans and realised I didn't wear them because they are still a bit too tight to be comfortable. I washed them and donated.

I also found a cardigan that just isn't me. I bought it at the airport a few years ago as I'd forgotten to pack anything to wear in the evenings if it was cold. I wore during the holiday and never touched it again. Again, I just washed and donated.

I also spotted a few bags that I also didn't use any more and added them to the charity shop bag.

Now, everything just feels so much fresher and enjoyable to be in space. I have a long way to go towards my ultimate goal of living a more simple and intentional life, but it's a step in the right direction.

Have you been decluttering recently? 

If so, how are you getting on?

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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