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Decluttering update - February 2020

Table with a plant on it in a post about my decluttering update for February 2020
Have you ever thought about living a more simple, minimalistic life? After years of living with too much stuff, I've really been trying to reduce what I own. I thought I would do a quick check-in on my decluttering update and keep myself accountable.

I started trying to declutter and be more purposeful with what I owned around about June last year. Then we moved, and I had another chance to reassess the excess that I owned.

As well as decluttering, I have also set myself a no-spend challenge for 2020 to prevent the excess coming back.

I think having a moment to reflect allows you to sit back and assess what areas you are happy with and what areas need a little more attention. Here is how I think the process has gone so far.

What went well

Clothes - This is the area that I first started decluttering, so I think I've made the most progress with. Just wish I had a before and after photo. I have now got down to more of what I know I wear. My wardrobe also includes coats which it never used to. The only items of clothing I keep separately are jeans, underwear, PJs and beachwear.

Shoes and bags - Again, this is an area that I've massively been able to scale down. Saying that I think there is still lots of room for improvement. For example, I have around 10 pairs of Primark flip flops. I cringe to think that I haven't considered the environmental impact of having virtually disposable flip flops.

There are still quite a few pairs of summer shoes that haven't been worn, but they are going to be tested once the weather gets warmer. All the unused winter boots have been donated.

In terms of bags, I now have five bags. I have four different sizes and one backpack duplicate. This doesn't include any joint travel luggage, but as we have no holidays or trips planned, I haven't been through it yet.

My wardrobe declutter so far it in a post about my decluttering update for February 2020

Makeup - Again I have done really well here and now only have a makeup bag and one drawer of backups which is only half full of things like mascara, eyeliner and lip balm. As I've mentioned before going forward, I want to transition into more sustainable makeup, so going forward once something is finished, I will look for a plastic-free alternative.

My makeup declutter so far it in a post about my decluttering update for February 2020

Where the declutter isn't going so well 

Toiletries - Going through the drawers makes me realise how much I still have! Below is just one drawer example - there are many more. I don't want to just get rid of it all though. I want to make myself use it all up. Again as with the makeup, I will then aim to replace only what is needed with more sustainable alternatives where possible.

My toiletries declutter so far it in a post about my decluttering update for February 2020

Stationery - It is so embarrassing how much stuff I still own. Although it is now part of the business, so it will all eventually hopefully get used. Yet, again, I have an overwhelming amount of stuff everywhere. Maybe this is made worse by the fact we have a cupboard in the office, so you don't notice how much there is.

My stationery declutter so far it in a post about my decluttering update for February 2020

Books - At the moment, the books are not on shelves. It's one area we haven't yet unpacked, so they are all in bags behind the sofa in the lounge.

Well, that's it for now. Hopefully, there will be much more progress going forward.

Have you embarked on a declutter? 
Or do you live a more simple, intentional life? 
I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Lots of love, 
Helen xo

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