Sunday, 10 November 2019

Dear London, It Is Time To Say Goodbye

After some incredible years in this beautiful city, it's time to say goodbye to London. After a crazy few months, of changes and uncertainty, we are moving out to the Oxfordshire countryside. Before I do, I wanted to take a moment to appreciated everything London has been and say a heartfelt goodbye.

Me looking on Millennium Bridge looking at The Shard in a post about saying goodbye to London.
My gut told me times ahead were changing a few months ago. Does anyone else always trust their gut instinct? I told Dan that I had a feeling something was about to change. It did.

I also had a massive urge to declutter. Now, we are moving, I am so grateful I did as we can move into the new place and know that everything we own is creating the life we love.

I will always cherish the memories I've made in one of my favourite places, and the fantastic people I've met along the way. London, it's time to say goodbye. Before I do, I want to appreciate all that the years in London have given me.

A photo of Tower Bridge in a post about saying goodbye to London.

Life lessons

My life in London went by so quickly, but it has changed me forever. I am so grateful I found the courage to move here because it has indeed been a life and mind-altering experience. During my time here, I've grown as a person, not only in terms of my confidence but also in terms of my perception of myself and my self-worth.

When I first moved here, I was lost, confused and carrying an enormous amount of emotional baggage (and a lot of physical baggage too!). The person that arrived in my mum's overpacked car, filled with as many of my possessions as I could possibly cram into her car. The anticipation of what the new chapter would offer and questions of how life would turn out filled my head.

Now, I still question my life's path, but I'm sure about one thing: whatever life will throw my way, I will be able to overcome it. No matter how far away I am from my friends, or where I am located, I am committed to living the life I love. And this is a compelling thought.

A phone box with a view of St Clement Danes church outside the Royal Courts of Justice, which was featured in Bridget Jones's Baby in a post about saying goodbye to London.

Appreciating people

The past few years have been probably some of the most challenging times in my life. I moved here to do Teacher Training as a mature student, a bad experience left me feeling anxious, my confidence in tatters and regretting the career change. However, the people I met following that will forever be friends, and I will be extremely grateful that our paths crossed.

Obviously, I met Dan here too. Not to be mushy, but Dan is one of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever met. Yet, if I hadn't come to London, we could never have met. We had our first date at The Shard, we got engaged outside St Pauls, and therefore London has always played an essential part in our relationship.

St. Paul's Cathedral in a post about saying goodbye to London.

It's time to say goodbye, London.

For our last evening, we took time away from packing to enjoy the gorgeous firework display in Blackheath village. Such a stunning display and it's free!

Thank you, London, for helping me to grow into the person I am today. You will always be like home for me. Who knows you may become home again one day. But it's time to accept that fate is leading me into a different direction. I will be sad to leave, but I know I will always be able to pop over and enjoy a Sunday walk by the Southbank.

Blackheath Fireworks Display in a post about saying goodbye to London.

Let the new adventures begin!

If you look back, how much have you changed over the years?


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