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Ten Easy Ideas For Your Self-Care And Reset Day

We all need a moment of me-time and self-care once in a while. I know when I haven't had a self-care and reset day in a while, things start to fall apart, and I feel overwhelmed. I forget important things and actually looking after myself goes out of the window. If you're a little short on time or inspiration. Fear not, I've got ten easy ideas for your self-care and reset day.

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“If you feel “burnout” setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself.” - Dalai Lama

Self-care is a combination of taking care of your body, but also mentally taking care of your mind.

Taking a reset day or a day to sort you sh*t and to get your life admin done, clear your space will make you feel good both mentally and physically.

If you haven't had a self-care and reset day in a while. Book a date with yourself.

For me personally, Sundays are the best day for a self-care and reset day. It helps me tie up all my loose end and shift my focus to the upcoming week, or few weeks. Put all my dates in the calendar, prep my meals, get my life admin done and indulge in self-care. I feel great and on top of things when I'm done.

I can't emphasis enough the importance of scheduling that date with yourself and putting it in your calendar. Just do it now, and then there will be no excuses.

I've come up with ten easy ideas for your self-care and reset day if you need some inspiration:

1. Clear your space

The first easy idea for your self-care and reset day is to clean and clear your space.

Whether that's by decluttering or just cleaning your house, your self-care and reset day will get off to a great start in a clean and clear space. Put the washing on, put your favourite playlist or podcast on and just clear your space.

Don't just focus on our physical space. Think about things like make-up brushes and things you don't automatically think about cleaning.

Also, clear out your digital space. Delete photos and documents you don't need anymore. I always take screenshots of things that I need to remember, then forget to delete them when I'm done. It amazing the space all these screenshots take up.

2. Create home for everything

Since I've started decluttering and organising things, I'm making sure that everything that I keep has its own home. I can't express how easy it has been to find item now. I used to spend such a long time trying to find something, it was unreal.

Again as with clearing your space, don't just limit this task to physical possessions. Check through your digital folders, or create folders so that again, everything has a home. Any folders you don't need daily put them onto a hard drive or iCloud, so everything is organised, and it will also hopefully speed up your laptop.

3. Brain dump

Once everything is clear, you can sit down and clear your mind. I always do this after I have cleared my physical space as a mess always makes me feel stressed. Grab an A4 sheet of paper. I will either just write everything that comes into my head and then colour pink for urgent, yellow for the need to do, and no colour - I just need to remember.

Or you may find it more helpful to draw four boxes and divide up your tasks. I put them into: Urgent, Important, Not urgent, but need doing and Not urged, to remember. Whatever works for you. Then just set about doing or scheduling in time to complete the critical and essential tasks.

4. Make all your appointments

Most of the to remembers on my to-do lists are things like make a dentist appointment, and get my roots done.

Every month or so, I like to sit down and just make all the appointments, so I can book them into my calendar. For me, I hate making phone calls. I will procrastinate and spend so long putting it "until tomorrow".

It feels so good to just know I no longer have to think about them.

Lady lying down on the bed with a book in a post about ten easy ideas for your self-care and reset day.

5. Write in a journal

Being in touch with your emotions and thoughts is really important for your emotional wellbeing. Especially if you're like me and you find it hard to talk about your feelings.

Having an outlet, such as a journal for those thoughts and feelings, can be so essential to be able to process your emotions. Even if you have nothing to write, just write down how you felt today.

6. Do something that scares you

Have you put something off because it scares you? Is there something you've always wanted to do? Take yourself out of your comfort zone, and just do it. Just do it. Trust me, you will feel so good about yourself afterwards.

7. Read a book

It doesn't have to be a self-help book, it can be just enjoying a novel. You can only escape, reflect on your own life and relate to the characters.

Pop a face mask on while you're reading to make it extra pampering.

8. Take a walk and enjoy nature

I am such a lover of the city life, but sometimes you just need to get out there and enjoy the fresh country air. There is something magical about just walking in the countryside and letting your mind wander and appreciate.

Lady walking through a sunny field in a post about ten easy ideas for your self-care and reset day.

9. Prepare yourself for the week or month ahead

The reason why I like to do a self-care and reset day on Sunday is that I use it to help me prepare for the week ahead.

I will get out my calendar, look at what is to do that week. Are there any important dates, such as birthdays?

What food will you need for the week ahead? Then I like to get things like shopping and meal prep done.

Finally, I will pack my bag for work. I always make sure things like my Fitbit, and my battery pack are charged.

10. Take a pampering bath or shower

Once I feel organised and relaxed, I like to end the day with a pampering bath. For a self-care bath, I always get in a Lush bath bomb in advance. I now associate a bath bomb and self-care, so I instantly feel more relaxed.

I will light candles, maybe pop on a film or YouTube on my iPad. Pop on a hair mask and just relax.

What do you like to do on your self-care and reset day?

Lots of love, 
Helen x

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  1. Found this post on Pinterest and it was a massive inspiration to have a ME day where I get my shit together and pamper myself!!

    Roni |

    1. Thank you so much Roni! I hope it helped :) x


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